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Meet the Blog Squad SHRMTech16

SHRMTECH16They are the disruptive kids on the block. They arrived on the scene sometime in the last 5 to 10 years. Some more recently. They learnt the tools, developed a voice, grew in conviction and slowly, almost certainly, changed the shape of HR. HR used to be, and in many places continues to be, bureaucratic – about parroting policies and defined by its unique ability to diplomatically say “No”. It will set the wrong ‘precedent’, you see. But the SHRMTECH16 Blog Squad is all about setting disruptive precedents. Believing in the power of “Yes” and what is possible. They are cool, tech savvy, have an authentic voice, a sensitivity, passion to tell their stories and geekiness to understand and proliferate digital media tools. Who are they? Meet them here:


Gautam was there before anyone else. He took to the new digital media like duck to water. He has enlightened his readers and followers with deep and rare insight for more than a decade. He has adapted to the new emerging trends and channels and understood the impact of social technology on the fabric of organizational life better than most people.

His blog URL is gauteg.blogspot.com. He blogs about social HR, talent management, learning and development.

Twitter id: @gautamghosh

Facebook: http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/gautam

Instagram: gautamxl


Gautam is perhaps the most recognized and celebrated HR blogger from India in blogosphere. He has won the highest accolades from A-list publications, here are few of them:

Forbes listed him as amongst social media thought leaders
Huffington Post listed him as 7th in top HR influencers
SHRM India listed him 1st in top HR  social media influencers for two years
Listed by HR examiner as top 100 HR influencers
HR World listed his blog as number 3 in top 25 HR blogs
Evan Carmichael listed his blog in the top 100 business blogs

Reach Sharad’s blog on New HR here: http://hrmath.com


Ankita represents the brave new generation of influential millennial voices on social media. As an HR professional for Amazon, she is right in the middle of the action in one of the hottest Unicorns of the Internet age. She has a unique point of view and a developing voice that she expresses with conviction bringing in elements of psychology and a young woman professional’s point of view.

Designation, Role and Organization: HR Business Partner at Amazon.com

Blog URLhttps://thehrbpstory.wordpress.com/

About the blog: This blog talks about all things HR (sprinkled with a bit of social psychology) viewed from the lens of an HR Business Partner. Walk through the story of an HR Business Partner as she tries and figures her way through the crazy yet engaging world of an HR professional.

Social links

Twitter :https://twitter.com/ankitapoddar/



Rakshita’s is a seasoned voice among the new generation HR professionals on social media. She navigates contemporary topics like work flexibility, challenges of a working mother etc with dexterity. This makes her a must follow authority on social media, as seen also by the numerous prestigious awards won.

Designation, Role and Organization: Product Manager @ plugHR

Blog URL: HR Thoughts: https://rakshitadwivedi.wordpress.com/

About the blog:

HR Thoughts is my way to express my learnings and experiences around Talent Management, Social Media and above all Workflex. The posts on my blog also link my personal life experiences of a mother and how those relate to being an HR professional in my other world and managing a business line which is all in Human Resources. For me my blog is not just my expression but also helps me understand the opinion others would have on topics I feel strongly about.

Social links – twitter :@raks_d, Facebook: www.facebook.com/HRThoughts
Linkedin : https://in.linkedin.com/in/rakshitadwivedi

Awards won:

India’s Top 100 HR Influencers on Twitter:The Hirers:August 2014

Top 50 HR blogs to read in 2015:HR Software Insight:December 2014
Top 100 HRs on Twitter: MyRefers:July 2015

The Top Social HR Pros to follow on Twitter: Recruiterstoday:January 2014

101 Inspiring Women:Rambling Recruiter:December 2015
Top 75 HR blogs to follow:Proven :February 2016

100 Power Woman At Work – The drivers of change:People Matters:March 2016

What are you looking forward to at SHRMTech16:

I look forward to give myself a fresh perspective of Technology, its complexity, impact & solutions on HR. For my role as a product manager, I definitely look forward to meet and network with more like minded HR and Technology professionals. Apart from this, I am excited to explore more people-technology oriented solutions/products which would be demonstrated in the conference and I can cover them in my blog.


Another influential voice on Twitter is Shweta Pathak who operates in the recruiting and employer branding space.

Designation, Role and Organization: Account Director, TMP Worldwide

Blog URL: I read blogs, yet to starting writings blogs.

Social links :
Twitter:  @shweta_hr
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/shweta-pathak-689ba27

Awards won: 
India’s Top 25 HR INFLUENCERS on Twitter
Top 100 Human Resources Professionals and Recruiting Leaders (globally) to follow on Twitter in 2014 & 2015
What are you looking forward to at SHRMTECH16:
Knowledge sharing, innovative ideas/products – how technology can be leveraged by HR & meeting Twamily.
Pamela is the community chair of Linked:HR, the largest online community of HR professionals (nearly 1 million members). She recently gave an interview on my blog about her insights and lessons learnt from growing the community. It is exciting to see an online community now expanding and taking shape both online and in real life and becoming truly global.
Designation, Role and Organization – CEO, Metzano & Community Chair, Linked:HR
URL – Not a blog per se, but post frequently here:  http://bit.ly/L1nkedHR
Awards and recognition – I frequently am asked to contribute my writings
What are you looking forward to at SHRMTECH16 – Networking & expanding my presence in India
Puneet Nagpal, is the chief instigator, motivator and mover and shaker who makes things happen and paves the way for the disruptive bloggers. He has been making his waves as an influencer and breaking new path in marketing. So he makes this list:
Role and organization: Head – Marketing, South Asia/India for SHRM India
a. Speaker at DMAI Influencer Marketing Conference 2015
b. Helped create one of the most sought after report on Top HR Influencers on SM in India
What are you looking forward to at SHRMTECH16:
a. Meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.
b. Getting a pulse on where HR-Tech is headed, the opportunities & challenges ahead.
c. A trending #SHRMTECH16
d. Lastly (and most importantly) All our guests enjoying a healthy cocktail of learning, networking and fun
Any list of influencers on social media will be incomplete without Kunjal. A cool and skilled craftsman who impresses everyone as much with his skill and thoughtfulness as with his sense of ownership and responsibility. He has used his social media influence in many ways – to educate and train recruiters in social hiring methods, in workshops for women returning to work and in current trends in social recruitment. Here is more about Kunjal:

Role and organization: Social Media Strategist at Polaris Consulting & Services
Blog: Rambling Recruiter. A blog all about latest trends around the world of Recruitment. So far its got 75000+ hits
Influencer Ranking:

  • At 8th place of SHRM 2014-15
  • Top 25 Social Media HR Influencers in India

Twitter Handle : @kunjal23

LinkedIn:  https://in.linkedin.com/in/kunjalkamdar

What are you looking forward to at SHRMTECH16?

Looking forward to SHRMTECH16 event as it gives an opportunity to meet and learn from some of the finest and amazing HR professionals across India.


Role and organization: Chairman, Metzano – operators of Linked:HR 

Blog URL: My writing is generally through the HR-related LinkedIn groups operated by Metzano, most particularly at http://bit.ly/L1nkedHR 

About your blog:      

I have also written two White Papers (http://bit.ly/VerticalNetworkWhitePapers) about the impact of Vertical Networks on the landscape of social media.

Social links – 

 Twitter – https://twitter.com/davesumnersmith

LinkedIn –          https://uk.linkedin.com/in/davesumnersmith

Facebook –        https://www.facebook.com/davesumnersmith

Instagram –        https://www.instagram.com/davesumnersmith/

Awards – TINYnews 20 HR Influencers & Leaders You Need To Follow On Twitter

Witty Parrot Top 100 HR Influencers to Follow on Twitter
 What are you looking forward to at SHRMTech16: Gaining an insight into one of the most dynamic and exciting hotbeds of HR technology – and meeting some of the key people involved.


Role and organization: Principal Consultant at SS Consulting (www.ssconsult.in

Blog URL: anisharavind.blogspot.in 

About your blog – Attempt to get deeper into my areas of interests which currently hover around – Human Capital Management, Citizen Science, Travelling, Photography, Cricket, Birding

Social links – 

Twitter: @anisharavind LinkedIN: https://in.linkedin.com/in/anisharavind / anish.aravind on Facebook / anisharavind on Instagram 

Awards – influencer lists, top blog awards etc : SHRM15 Blogger; Social Media Squad of TechHR15 and SHRMI15. 

What are you looking forward to at SHRMTECH16: Connect with the in stuff on Technology and the who’s who of Technology evangelists lined in earnest by SHRM India team. 

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Sharad Verma is currently HR Head (CHRO) for Sears Holdings India.

Sharad’s blog on leadership, talent and innovation is available at www.iSharad.com. Sharad has been named one of the Top 20 Social Media HR Influencers by SHRM, featured as one of the Best HR Heads in India and his column featured in the top 5 most read career advice on Star career website.

A graduate of the prestigious XLRI, Sharad has more than two decades of HR experience. He has previously been Global Head – Human Resources for Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd, Director, Human Resources for SunGard Global Technology, Head of Human Resources for Berkadia (subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway), Monster.com, and The Bank of New York Mellon India.

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