Look who is disrupting HR! Blog Squad – SHRMTECH16

Meet the Blog Squad SHRMTech16 They are the disruptive kids on the block. They arrived on the scene sometime in the last 5 to 10 years. Some more recently. They learnt the tools, developed a voice, grew in conviction and slowly, almost certainly, changed the shape of HR. HR used to be, and in many […]

Pamela Harding on social and tech HR

Pamela Harding: Community Chair of Linked:HR and CEO of Metzano Pamela Harding is the Community Chair of Linked:HR,  the #1 networking group for Human Resources professionals. At last count it had 977,211 members, just shy of 1 million mark. Linked:HR is the fourth largest overall group on LinkedIn and the largest single-profession group. She is also […]

Interview with John Mattone: World’s #1 leadership and culture authority

Interview with John Mattone – world’s #1 authority on Leadership and Culture Q: How did you develop a deep interest in leadership and culture? John Mattone: Here is how I became interested in Leadership and Culture: I completed my Graduate studies in Industrial Psychology in 1980 and then worked for Conoco. During teaching assistantship, I […]

Peter Block on what’s new in management consulting

Interview with Peter Block

Interview with Peter Block: Author and Management Guru Peter Block wrote “Flawless Consulting” the definitive guide for consultants (both internal and external), HR professionals and people who want to get their expertise used. He has also written “The Answer to How is Yes” and “Stewardship“. For several decades now, Peter has been providing clear thinking, guidance, […]

How a psychoanalyst became England’s most successful cricket captain – Mike Brearley

Leadership lessons from Mike Brearley   Do you belong to the school of thought that the captain or leader of the team must be extraordinarily gifted? That he or she needs to be better than individuals within the team to inspire respect? Do you also believe that leadership is not a specialization in itself? The […]