Interview with John Mattone: World’s #1 leadership and culture authority

Interview with John Mattone – world’s #1 authority on Leadership and Culture Q: How did you develop a deep interest in leadership and culture? John Mattone: Here is how I became interested in Leadership and Culture: I completed my Graduate studies in Industrial Psychology in 1980 and then worked for Conoco. During teaching assistantship, I […]

How a psychoanalyst became England’s most successful cricket captain – Mike Brearley

Leadership lessons from Mike Brearley   Do you belong to the school of thought that the captain or leader of the team must be extraordinarily gifted? That he or she needs to be better than individuals within the team to inspire respect? Do you also believe that leadership is not a specialization in itself? The […]

Meet Sandi MacPherson: Founder of Quibb

Meet Sandi MacPherson: Founder of Quibb The story of the tech startup founded in a garage has been frequently told. I came across an endearing story of a solo-entrepreneur working on an innovative news and link sharing startup in the Bay Area. The person is Sandi MacPherson, a former climate change scientist and the company is […]

Building a 100-day plan for management success
24 November, 2014

Building a 100-day plan for management success

A 100-day plan can be used for:

Achieving a turnaround in a department or a functional area

Inducting a new manager

Getting traction on a new strategic initiative or project

Encouraging your team to complete a stretch goal

Aim at increasing sales, getting more traffic, conversions or a product launch

Seven step process for creating a 100-day plan

Step 1: Visualize the end goal – “begin with the end in mind” – what do you want to achieve?

Step 2: Describe outcomes specifically, make them measurable  – specify the result in terms of numbers

Step 3: Build a dashboard – represent the end goal as a visual graphic

Step 4: Break it down into 25, 50 and 75-day plan – how will things look like at the end of 25, 50 and 75 days?

Step 5: Put a review mechanism in place – set review points weekly or biweekly

Step 6: Get additional resources – what else do you need for success?

Step 7: Celebrate small victories – reward yourself and your team for meeting mid-point goals

Meet Ishveen Anand: founder, OpenSponsorship and Forbes 30 under 30 Sports lister

Ishveen Anand - Forbes Sports 30 under 30

Meet Ishveen Anand: Founder, OpenSponsorship and Forbes Sports 30 and 30 prodigy In January 2015, at the age of 29, Ishveen Anand featured in the Forbes Sports 30 under 30 list at number 2, as the founder of her new company OpenSponsorship. Forbes said: The British native has created the first online platform to facilitate […]