Look who is disrupting HR! Blog Squad – SHRMTECH16

Meet the Blog Squad SHRMTech16 They are the disruptive kids on the block. They arrived on the scene sometime in the last 5 to 10 years. Some more recently. They learnt the tools, developed a voice, grew in conviction and slowly, almost certainly, changed the shape of HR. HR used to be, and in many […]

Pamela Harding on social and tech HR

Pamela Harding: Community Chair of Linked:HR and CEO of Metzano Pamela Harding is the Community Chair of Linked:HR,  the #1 networking group for Human Resources professionals. At last count it had 977,211 members, just shy of 1 million mark. Linked:HR is the fourth largest overall group on LinkedIn and the largest single-profession group. She is also […]

Meet Sandi MacPherson: Founder of Quibb

Meet Sandi MacPherson: Founder of Quibb The story of the tech startup founded in a garage has been frequently told. I came across an endearing story of a solo-entrepreneur working on an innovative news and link sharing startup in the Bay Area. The person is Sandi MacPherson, a former climate change scientist and the company is […]