Best of 2014: 15 amazing iPhone apps that can change your life

This app tracks daily physical activity like walking, running, heart rate, calories and weight. It uses iPhone’s sensors to track the number of steps walked, heart rate – making it easy and effortless. Goals can be set and the progress is measured against the set goals. There is also an option of measuring progress with friends as well as connecting trackers for better measurement.

This is a minimalist writing “studio”. It can be used to capture ideas and for writing projects. “Rituals” can be created for motivation. The app itself is fairly simple with no extra frills, the mail focus is writing. Simplicity and minimalism are the prime reasons why it is appealing to a writer though the ability to set word goals, create rituals and share the writing are also useful.

Habit Clock
This is an app for adopting new habits. It lets you create and follow a morning routine. Small bits of activities can be added to the routine. The clock and timer help to finish the routine. There are also options to check trends of popular routines, to generate routines.

This app helps to style and share text with beautiful graphic design. It is ideal for stylizing short text, reflections, quotations and then sharing over Twitter, Instagram or saving as a picture. It makes the writing really beautiful.

This is a delightful program for meditation and mindfulness. It has amazing animation to teach aspects of meditation and provide insights into how the mind works. The free version has 10 guided meditations of 10 minutes each, arranged as a course. This is a very practical and gun way to fit meditation and mindfulness into our busy lives.
There is also an in-built buddy system to invite friends and motivate each other.

Having thankful thoughts and counting our blessings is the path to happiness (link to huff post article here). This app provides a simple and beautiful way to track, review and count our thankful thoughts regularly. The simple interface allows for quickly typing in thankful notes, words of wisdom and personal reflections. Additional features include ability to share on social media, a counter, customisable colours, fonts and settings and ability to set reminders. There are several other apps which achieve the same objective, I am listing this for its simplicity and minimalist design.

This is a very useful app that serves as a mood journal, personal diary and charting tool. The app is colourful, easy to use and practical. The ability to “tag” moods with specific events provides great insights about drivers for happiness over time. App also has features to assign scores, use photos and pics for events, and watch trends by charts over time and at specific times of day. It has a very happy and joyful feel to it and can have a powerful impact in learning to be optimistic.

This app provides a systematic approach to developing productivity. You start with setting long term goals in areas like work & career, personal finance, health, family, spirituality and personal development. Out of these, three goals are prioritised. Long term goals are broken into short-term goals and daily actions. The app also has a daily journal, check in points, focus meter and it lets you set rituals to increase productivity. Not everyone would like this level of detail or a methodical approach to setting and achieving goals but the app walks you through a step-by-step and rational process.

Lumosity is a personal training program for the brain designed by scientists. It focuses on enhancing memory, attention, focus, flexibility and other cognitive abilities. It has customised daily “workouts” and scorecards.

Similar to Lumosity, this personalised brain training program also focuses on speaking skills, comprehension and processing speed. It has personalised practice sessions with increased difficulty levels, a game to enhance listening and ability to rotate games.

This “social design platform” sets your creativity free. It has hundreds of fonts, layers, shapes, photo filters and ability to ‘remix’ designs and share across social networks. 

This app is created by Curious Hat who aim to ‘design the digital playground for curious minds.’ This app has a number of fun activities in curious playground. Children can explore and play with a variety of fun activities while adults can use the same app to create content that becomes a personalized experience for the child. Activities are fun and have puzzles, word games, math, geography, music, logic and more.

Technology blogger David Pogue calls Voice as ‘one of the simplest, most creative, most joyous apps ever released by Adobe’. This app makes creating videos and visual presentations using your voice very easy. The app uses hundreds of drawings, provides a choice of background music and makes it really easy to record voice to explain a concept. The app also has many transitions and makes it easy to build animations. A great teaching tool and also one that makes presentations come alive.

Haiku Deck
Haiku Deck is an innovative presentation software that makes creating visual presentations easy. It is very intuitive. As you choose a topic, select a template and start creating content, it searches for appropriate images and helps you incorporate them into the presentation easily.

Sleep Genius
Based on extensive research, this software has music to help good quality sleep as well as wake up sounds to get up to. It is based on neuroscience research that was used for NASA astronauts. The audio program helps to develop healthy sleep patterns.

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