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“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
Carl Gustav Jung

Hi, I’m Sharad and this is my personal blog.

This site brings you articles about 1) current HR trends and 2) personal success (career and leadership).

If you are seeking more meaning and success, then this blog is for you. Here you will find practical, real-life, easy-to-use content that you can apply in your career and personal life.

@iSharad has been featured in Top 100 HR Influencers on Twitter. My career advice featured among Top 5 most read articles of 2014 for the number 1 career site in Malaysia.

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What people are saying

“Many of the points discussed are mistakes one makes, but ideally can turn to nobody for discussing. Good to see an article which throws light and shows the way ahead. Thanks Sharad for the article hope to see many such in coming times.”
D. Banerjee

Hi Sharad,
I usually don’t like any of the “gyan” HR articles but kudos to you I haven’t seen such an objective and sharp analysis in a long time. Really liked your article and would really like to follow your thoughts. Thanks again.

I worked with Sharad for several years, and consider him to be one of the top HR Managers I’ve met. He ran my company’s HR operations in Bangalore exceptionally well, and was respected and admired by all of our employees. He is an outstanding HR manager and overall business leader.
Mark Cullen, CEO, mscripts & President, Exeter Group

Sharad has been a great person to work with. During his tenure with us, he was instrumental in setting various processes in HR. Notable ones where it affected us was the appraisal process. His work on this area is very commendable and even today, we follow the same model. Sharad is very candid in his feedback and this has helped in many ways for people to know their potential. Sharad is also very creative in his work and helped put a flavor into HR that helped us understand their roles and work better.
Srinivas Sampath, Country Head, Ellucian

Sharad is a very creative guy, with fascinating ideas, delivered with real enthusiasm. Add to that some very real competency in his domain, ability to work very long hours, and a surprising skill with software tools, and you get a guy who is a thorough professional and a lot of fun to work with.
Vishal Bhaskaran, Senior Manager, EMC

Sharad is perhaps one of the most tech savvy HR people I have known. We jointly conducted quite a few assesment centres and Sharad always did more than his share of work. During the time of our association I found him to be one of those rare knowledgeable, smart people who also enjoyed hard work.
Gayatri Krishnamurthy, Executive Coach

Here are some of the popular articles on this blog

16 career lessons from Rohit Shetty
This article draws lessons from the career of highly successful Bollywood director, Rohit Shetty. From humble beginnings as an assistant, he has scaled great heights as a director with the Midas touch.

Surviving corporate politics – an essential guide for the non-political
During many years managing Leadership Development in organizations, I have found that developing “political savvy”comes up as one of the most desired, hard to learn and rare competencies. This article is written for people who identify as ‘non-political’and struggle with this skill.

“Our journey is just 1% finished”: Amazing talent secrets of Facebook
In a fascinating conversation with the HR leader for Facebook, there were some amazing lessons and discoveries from Facebook.

The shocking truth behind employee departures – what leaders can do
The frequent refrain from managers and employee departures is “compensation”. What can leaders proactively do to retain their valued people? This article draws lessons based on statistical studies over many years.

25 Inspiring geniuses who worked at Apple
Apple has been a magnet for top talent. Driven by the ability to do game-changing work and drawn to the magnetic personality of Steve Jobs, there are many creative geniuses who have worked at Apple and made it the creative powerhouse that it is.

The minimalist guide to leadership
There is a lot written on leadership. There are diverse approaches. This article zones in on the essence of leadership.

Top 25 influential leadership thinkers
This article talks about 25 influential thinkers, writers and leaders who have bring something unique and valuable by their work.

51 ways to enjoy a life free from regrets
This article contains practical ideas on how to live a life free from regrets, bitterness and resentments. It takes an effort to live a life of celebration and joy, and the effort is truly worth it.

32 interesting chess accounts on Twitter
This article lists 32 important chess accounts on Twitter.

Interviews with leaders
One of the most valuable parts of this blog is my conversations and interviews with pre-eminent people in their field.

Dan Schawbel: Interview with world’s foremost personal branding guru
Dan Schawbel is a pioneer in personal branding. In this interview, he covers ground on the future of personal branding at work.

Interview with Neil Patel, the super blogger
Neil Patel is an extremely successful internet marketer, blogger and entrepreneur. He shares some quick tips in this interview.

Conversation with Penelope Trunk: world’s foremost career blogger
Penelope Trunk is enigmatic and brilliant. Her blog has explored cutting edge ideas on work, life, career and happiness. She provides a rare insight into her work and thoughts.

Interview with Emotional Intelligence pioneer Dr Cary Cherniss
Emotional Intelligence has been a hotly debated and perhaps the most important topic in leadership in the last 15 years. Dr Cary Cherniss, a collaborator with Dan Goleman, did pioneering work in the area of Emotional Intelligence at work. In this article he outlines why Emotional Intelligence is of primary importance.

Interview with Nadine Chakar: Leadership Lessons in Global Finance
Nadine Chakar is a global leader at The Bank of New York Mellon. In this article she talks about leadership, success and how she views diversity.

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