32 interesting chess accounts on Twitter

There was a huge interest in following chess online with Magnus Carlsen (often called Harry Potter of chess) and the ever favourite, perfect gentleman and former world champion Vishy Anand battling it out for world championship. Here is a list of interesting chess accounts on Twitter that can be followed for people who enjoy chess:

1. @MagnusCarlsen – the champion himself

2. @vishy64theking – Vishy Anand

3. @anandcarlsen14 – official account of the world championship

4. @susanpolgar – fantastic commentary from a leading coach and player, very educational, extremely popular, one of the gifted and famed Polgar sisters

5. @Jonathan_Rowson – chess grandmaster and writer

6. @TaniaSachdev – international master and commentator, she became extremely popular after the Chennai world championship in 2013

7. @nigelshortchess – Britain’s leading player, writer, coach, commentator

8. @FabianoCaruana – world no. 2, leading player in the world, perhaps one of the few who can beat Magnus consistently, has the mystique and charisma of a prodigious champion, was able to predict the outcome of many Anand-Carlsen match in advance and had a huge following, definitely someone to watch out for in the days to come

9. @questtoGM – young and upcoming international master Akshat Chandra

10. @reachvsara – International Master and chess professional

11. @TarjeiJS – chess reporter

12. @MarkTWIC – founder of The Week in Chess

13. @GMjtis – Grand Master J. Tisdall

14. @DanielKingChess – grandmaster and journalist Dan King

15. @Eljanov – grandmaster and two times Olympic Champion

16. @Vachier_Lagrave – French chess player

17. @AnishGiri – Chess grandmaster based in the Netherlands

18. @GMGawain – professional chess player Gawain Jones

19. @LawrenceTrentIM – international master and professional commentator

20. @Rajachess – Teymur Rajabov – grandmaster

21. @GMJuditPolgar – account of world’s number one women’s player for 25 years

22. @USChess – news of US chess

23. @JenShahade – twice US chess champion

24. @iam_abhijeet – Indian grandmaster and Olympiad silver medallist

25. @TelegraphChess – international master and telegraph chess correspondent

26. @ElinaChess – international master from Armenia

27. @chessterra – grandmaster and journalist

28. @NastiaKarlovich – women’s grandmaster and journalist, her photographs of the match were very popular

29. @LevAronian – famous chess player

30. @GMHikaru – No 1 US chess player

31. @parimarjan – Indian grandmaster

32. @RameshChess – a leading Indian player, very popular and a good commentator

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