This video describes the 100-second mental toughness workout by executive coach and author Jason Selk.

Jason Selk is the author of bestselling book “Executive Toughness”.

In this video he describes the 100-second workout that consists of 5 steps.

These steps include centering breath (diaphragmatic breathing), identity statement and visualization. Practised regularly, it is a strong and highly effective routine for high performance.

As Selk emphasizes at the beginning of the video, it is more about habit than availability of time as all it takes is one minute and forty seconds. Of course, some prior mindset preparation is helpful to craft the identity statement and visualization.

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Free personality test

Many conflicts arise because of multitude of personality types. Personality determines a number of important functions about how we perceive the world:

  • How we collect information
  • How we respond to situations
  • How we relate to others
  • How we solve problems

Knowing our own personality types and how we are similar to or different from others can give us greater insight and make us more tolerant, understanding and effective. This link has a free personality test and provides a profile on the lines of Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

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